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The Future of Children’s Libraries

Hello, and hopefully welcome back!

I am writing a paper for my graduate school class (I am an MLIS student) regarding the future of children’s libraries.  If you are a public children’s librarian or school librarian, I would love to receive some posts that I can attribute if used in a non-published paper.

The class is a computer class, and although it is obvious that computers will play a vital role in the future of children’s libraries and librarianship, they will not be the “end all to do all”.

I believe that we, as children’s librarians, will have to be even more creative and make the library even more special and exciting.  Today’s children are assaulted with images, sound and media.

While this media must be made available to children, it cannot be all we do.  I see the future something like this:  The new children’s library becomes a fun and educational place, with museum-like elements:

A wonderful storytime/activity room with a puppet area and all of the wonderful things we usually have – like glitter glue!

Computer stations (I know, duh!)  Could we legally and without fear of lawsuit create stacked “bunk bed” computer stations?

How about a sound booth for recording podcasts or working on youtube videos (teens)?

Quiet “Book Nooks” out of the way areas to just read comfortably – sized differently for young and old.

Interactive displays which automatically turn on as a child approaches

Museum-like displays for science, nature, geography, etc. hands-on participation

a “noise room” with toys, yet a barrier so it doesn’t disturb other patrons

a “dress up” trunk, so the kids can put on a play

activities to bring in the teens – manga drawing, web hosting (blogging), reading to the little ones – how about a program to adopt a little brother or sister to read/pal around with?

Ok, so those are some of my thoughts, I would love to hear from you!  (Please don’t flame me about the cost! )  Think of this as an ideal – what do you actually see happening, what would you like to see?


Mr. Kent


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