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Ok, so who knows what the future will bring?  One thing is for sure, libraries who have tried gaming to bring teens and pre-teens into the library, won’t be quitting the programs anytime soon.

Consider the New York Public Library, spending millions of dollars to re-do their youth areas.  A major part of the funding will be used in purchasing video games and gaming computers. 

If you haven’t bee to your local library (and why haven’t you?), you might not know that gaming is the hottest thing in libraries for teens since the Music Man came to town and courted Marion the librarian!

In November, over 600 libraries held a national gaming day, welcoming teens to their public library!

“Oh no!”  You say, “What about the books?”  They are just fine!  As a matter of fact, librarians have observed the elusive teens (well, not that elusive over 1/4 of patrons are teens), <gasp!> reading while waiting to play and even joining book clubs or groups!  

How cool is that?    It’s a win-win situation, a tremendous return on investment, and it adds numbers to the great God(dess) of libraries – Circulation.  So the next time your teen tells you they’re going to the library, maybe they are!

Check it out – at your local library!