Mr. Kent’s Storytime

Felties and Storytime

Posted on: March 2, 2012

Perhaps the die-hard felties makers won’t consider these felties, as they are not stuffed, just characters made out of felt, but I think they qualify.

I found out a few things when I decided to create a feltboard and use it for Storytime:

1.  Always, always, always remember the size of your canvas (in this case the feltboard)!

2.  I can’t draw the things I want to create, however;

3.  I can “sculpt” them, cuting and shaping as I go.  This creates  a bazillion little tiny pieces of felt, but is very satisfying!

4.  Creating felties is addicting!!!!


Ok, so here’s what I’ve made so far and how I use it.

I’ve made the characters for Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, nice because I can use the same Big Bad Wolf!). I also created the forest, from simple pine trees to more elaborate harwoods!  I have used these to tell  the fairy tales, as I move the characters around on the feltboard.  The kids love catching mistakes and corecting errors!

I have also stopped just printing out pictures, coloring,  laminating and them sticking  felt to the back for feltboard use.  They don’t look as nice, nor do they adhere as well.  Ok, plus I”M HOOKED on cutting out little felt objects.

I do a counting song (one little, two  little, three little…), and I have made apples, balloons and bullfrogs (leap year , you know!), so far, with more to come!

I just finished a hedgehog for a friend who lost her cat to old age.  Turns out, so far I can’t sculpt a cat!  I sculpted some kind of crazy looking Pig-Cat-Bear – but I’ll work on it!

Felt is Fun!  Try it you’ll like it!


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