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Welcome to my blog!

 I hope to do a few things here that I think will be fun, educational (wait, come back!), and espouse some of my opinions on what I feel Children’s Libraries should become, how they should help children, and how together we can all make this happen.

I have to tell you that I love to read to children.  Mr. Kent’s Storytime was the original name for the storytime I did at Borders in Springdale (Cincinnati), Ohio.  I had a great time reading every week to pre-k and elementary age children for about 3 years.

I fell in love with the picture book genre.  I love all the authors, but I do have my favorites.  I also read Independent Reader and Young Adult books.  I love children’s books, and it is interesting how many stay as classics, and how many I feel will become classics.

As I am new to this, it may take a few weeks to figure it all out.  Look for reading suggestions and synopsis on books, my ranting about what the future holds for Children’s Libraries, and links to fun things for kids to check out.

If you are a parent – read a book to your child tonight and every night.  Reading is perhaps the most important skill children can learn, it broadens their horizons, prepares them for every subject in school and takes the places in their imaginations!  

Mr. Kent - Dressed up and lookin' smart!

Mr. Kent - Dressed up


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